Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tu B’Shvat Seder

You are invited to a very special birthday party. 
It's a festival for trees, a nondenominational-secular seder (celebratory meal) 
for healing, a unique way to understand the crisis in Israel/Palestine, 
and a fundraiser for Palestinian farmers to replant Olive Trees 

Jewish Voice for Peace~Detroit Invites you to a
Tu B’Shvat Seder for Peace
Festival of Trees for Healing & Reparation  
Sunday, January 27, 2013 • 3~5:30 pm
2 pm: Help set up, socialize
3 pm: Seder program & meal

 Pleasant Ridge Community Center  
4 Ridge Road, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069
(south of 10 Mile Road and west of Woodward Ave)

Admission:  $10 to participate in light seder meal
Click link on top right corner to buy your tickets now
 RSVP to save your seat to the best and most interesting 
$10 pot luck meal in town!

    Socialize with old friends, meet new ones, eat delicious and 

healthy food, and read from JVP's own Tu B'shvat haggadah 

Tu B’shvat is a Jewish holiday in celebration of fruiting trees and
“Birthday of the Trees.” Our Tu B’shvat Seder will support the nonviolent efforts
of Palestinians to protect their olive trees, their land, and their economy,
which depends on having access to their land, 

often blocked by the Occupation Wall.

Since Sept. 2000, the uprooting of more than one million olive trees 
by the State of Israel to make way for settlements and the Wall 
within the West Bank, has wreaked incalculable damage on 
a primary source of food and income for thousands of
Palestinian farmers. JPV joins the Jewish tradition of remaking tradition
by observing Tu B’Shvat as a festival of healing and reconciliation.
It is an opportunity to re-examine the history of Israel-Palestine, paths to peace,
and explore options for creating equal rights and social justice in the area.

The proceeds from this year's seder will be donated to Canaan Fair Trade "Trees for Life," a grassroots program to replant olive trees in Palestine. Each $20 we raise (above the modest costs of our event), we will donate to replant 3 trees in Palestine. Canaan Fair Trade ( is dedicated to artisan quality products based in Jenin, Palestine. The company sources its agricultural food products from a network of 49 cooperatives organized in the Palestine Fair Trade Association with the membership of over 1700 farm families. Canaan products are certified fair trade, USDA organic, and are found at specialty and organic shops across the US and Europe.
Please Make Reservations. To RSVP & more info:
Barbara Barefield, 313-891-2514 •
Sharon Feldman, 248-399-7362,

To read more about Jewish Voice for Peace:

“Olive Tree of Jerusalem” tile mural (on the top of this page) by Marie Balian, Balian Armenian Ceramics of

Included in our light meal is homemade vegetarian soup, salad and
Please sign up to contribute an item to the seder:  

nuts, seeds, olives, dried fruit, fresh fruit or juice. 
If you're unable to join us for the event, but want to make a donation to the PARC, please make your check payable to Jewish Voice for Peace with "Canaan" in the memo line, and send it to JVP-Detroit, c/o George Evalt,  16715 Westmoreland, Detroit, MI 48219.  

Donating one of the following items will help defray the cost of the seder
RSVP to or
to let us know what you will be bringing):

Fruits (to serve12 people): 

o     dates (1/2 pound)
o     figs (1/2 pound)
o     olives (1/2 pound)
o     pomegranate (3)
o     oranges (a dozen)
o     lemons (6)
o     limes (6)
o     grapefruit or pomelo (6)
o     apples, pears, or other tree fruit (dozen)

Nuts (to serve 12 people):
o     almonds  (1/2 pound)
o     hazelnuts  (1/2 pound)
o     chestnuts  (1/2 pound)
o     pistachios   (1/2 pound)
o     an assortment of tree nuts (1/2 pound)

Seeds (to serve 12 people):
o     Pumpkin    (1/2 pound)
o     sunflower or other    (1/2 pound)

o     grape juice (purple if possible) (1 gallon)
o     fruit juice (from tree:  apple, pear, etc.) (1/2 gallon)

o     Crackers from wheat and/or barley (package)
o     pita bread from wheat and/or barley  (package)

Some Middle Eastern foods
o     Hummus, tabouli, baba ghanouj, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, rice/lentel dish, salad, etc.

o     Ba
klava or middle eastern pastries
o     Anything else yummy if ok too!

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